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When planning a house removal, start the preparation as early as possible. If the house is sold there will be a strict timeline involving your departure. Hockley Removals will take care of the packing, loading, and transportation of your goods to the new address. If you are packing your own boxes order them, to get started.

It is easy to forget things when moving house, so make a list of things to be done before you go, including redirecting mail and canceling utility services. If packing yourself when moving from a suburban home, it is a good rule of thumb to allow time to pack at least one room a week.

If you use one of our custom packing options we will make sure that every box is securely labeled and marked with the room it will be placed in at your new house. 

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While moving, it is a good time to get rid of surplus furniture and junk. Start the process by making three piles.

  • Rubbish to be thrown out
  • Unused goods for the charity shop
  • Things to sell, for example, if you have finished using the baby cot and pram, they can be sold to others.

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It is quite surprising how much unnecessary stuff we keep at home, and we should only take what we need with us. Anything to store for later can go into a storage unit, ( more about that later).

Make a final inspection of the new home, and number the rooms to correspond with the packing boxes to make it easier for the removalists.

Check that blinds or curtains are in place. Call a locksmith to change the locks on the day you move in. Arrange for gas and electricity to be connected. Check that the heating works, especially when winter is coming.

Make sure that the house is clean, and if it isn’t call a cleaning service to come through immediately.

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